About us

KBA Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd. is incorporated on the Eighth day of February 2017 under the companies act, 2013 and that the company is limited by shares.

Its a new startup in milk and dairy products with the idea of providing quality milk products at affordable prices and provide education to consumers about the quality of milk, kind of protein it contains and provide adulteration free milk products to Consumers. 

We carry out the business of milk and dairy products and to manufacture, process, refine, bottle, cold store and sell and deal whether as whole seller / retailer or to direct consumer.


Goals and Objectives

  • To enhance the keeping quality of milk.
  • To avoid the economic losses to farmers by procuring the milk in time from them.
  • To manufacture the milk products as per the market demand.
  • To provide quality products at affordable prices to the consumers.
  • To provide the education to consumers about the quality of milk, the kind of protein it contains etc
  • To deliver the adulteration free milk and products to consumers.